Future Plans

Being a relatively new industry, and having so many new spaces in Canada, future plans play an important role in shaping our industry.

When asked what Canadian coworking spaces had planned for the future,  32% responded that they planned on opening additional spaces. A total of 29% intend on staying put, while 18% are planning to expand their current location. Interestingly enough, 12% of spaces have plans to franchise their spaces brand, which could be representing a new and emerging trend as shown below.

Deskmag has an interesting article on ten tips to earn extra income for spaces. This could be useful to keep in mind for spaces looking to expand or open new locations to start off on the right foot. Another interesting thought is having a localized ongoing Coworking Passport system like what some Colorado spaces recently implemented or similar to the introductory discovery pass that CoworkingToronto offered in 2012.