Industry Types

Looking beyond just the coworking space, our survey included a section to see who are using Canadian coworking spaces and their backgrounds. Of the spaces surveyed, 45% have 25 of fewer members, while 34% have 26-75 members, and 14% have 76-150 members.

Coworking members come from a variety of industries. The largest industry represented by respondents come from the Arts with 13%, which tied with Technology at 13%. The next industry, Business Services, represented 12%, and lastly, Social Enterprise represented 11 percent of respondents. In all, 13 categories were represented as shown in the diagram below.

Working within a coworking space can have many positive benefits for new and existing members, but there may be negative drawbacks to consider as well. Hub Vilnius has a great article on the positive and negative aspects to a coworking space. It is always recommended for new members to check different spaces as they can vary by industry, and finding a good fit is great for both members and spaces.


This is part of an ongoing series of blog posts disseminating the contents of the first survey of Canadian Coworking spaces, conducted in 2013.  Read the full survey at