Space Interactions

One of the intentions of Coworking Canada is to foster relationships on the regional and national levels between members and their local political and business associations. The hope is to provide the resources and education to show how spaces can strengthen bonds with ones local community, either through politics or business.

When asked what kind of local business or political relationships spaces have formed, 22% responded that they have formed some form of relationship with their Local and Municipal politicians. Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) can play an important part in shaping ones local community, and 17% of spaces have started forming those relationships. Following BIAs, 16% of spaces have been building relationships with their local Chamber of Commerce.

Interested in connecting with your local MP? The Canadian Parliament has a website with a postal code search you can use to find your local MP. Reaching out to your local MP, MPP, and other members of government can always be beneficial to both your space, and members. For other valuable connections, do a search for BIAs, Economic Development Corporations, and Chambers of Commerce in your area.